Jordanna Leah

Fashion is creative, seductive, always changing and a form of art. Tsome it is a religion. To Jordanna Leah Hardy fashion is a form of expression, to make a statement but also lookcaptivating. The Prince George native designer is heavily inspired by historic periods, fantasy, film and her own European heritage.
A graduate of Blanche MacDonald Centre’s fashion design diploma (2012) Jordanna launched her signature line as a labour of love for quality, longevity and classicality with a hint of theatrics in Fall/Winter 2012-13.
Harmonizing traditional elements with a modern sensibility, Jordanna Leah plans to offer seasonal collections that spin sentimental tales of whimsy. With an understanding of decades past, Leah interprets each season with an eye for visual optimism. Currently living and working Vancouver B.C. looking to the future of fashion, with a nod to the past. 


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